interesting non-app store alternative to install apps

An interesting post on 9 to 5

While interesting, it doesn’t look like a viable alternative to my clients you use Enterprise licenses who need to be able to easily install over the air from anywhere to any device. Even if you started with the GitHub source and created your own private version. Of course, it isn’t billed as an alternative for that.

But it is a creative alternative for installing apps outside of the App Store restrictions.

like mentionned in the comments, I don’t expect this solution to last a very long time…

So people download source code and build & sign themselves?
Not sure if this works with Xojo at all.

My assumption from skimming the article is that it does not recompile, nor do you get/need the source. Instead what I think it does is simply resign the *.app using your own private certificate, which then can be downloaded to your own device(s).

The re-sign is likely similar to how XResign does it.

I think this sounds like a terrible distribution model, and not directly related to Xojo at all. But the concept is interesting, and likely very hard to Apple to block. So would make for a way to distribute apps which otherwise would not pass Apple App Review, but without needing to jailbreak either.

It is NOT a technique I want to consider for my clients – I’ll stick with Enterprise Licenses.

There have been alternate distribution for a while through jail broken phones. This one is new.

Since this AltStore won’t take paid apps anyway, it is of no interest for most of us.

Some exist already as alternate to the MAS like HackStore, and the are pretty confidential.