Interesting Forum Stats

According to the Forum there are 19,383 registered users.
Of those 1,645 has logged in during the past 6 months, another 272 during the previous 6 months
and all the rest have not logged in in over a year, meaning less than 10% of the registered users have participated

During the previous year, there were a total of 264,186 postings of a total of 301,606 making 87% of the posts in the last 12 months
and of all the posts made 50% have been made by only 36 individuals, with 32% being made by the TOP 10 posters

These are based on the forum posting stats at and are only as accurate as that data.

Of course this doesn’t account for any number of people who never log in, and have never posted, but still visit and read about Xojo and hopefully learn from the data the we all post here.