Interesting Ads

After this, iWatch Is officially an ugly toy for me. :slight_smile:

And I just saw this because Nimoy’s event yesterday (Rest in peace Spock). His last Ad work.

The previous Ad was removed. So here is it again.

Too bad, but the first video is gone. (EDIT: Oh, hadn’t seen you found another source). Doesn’t hit me emotionally, it’s a bit elevated, don’t you think?)

You may not be aware of this exclusive information I found on this german newspaper website (slogan: “We write before we investigate”):

short translation: The Apple watch features a revolutionary new battery charging mechanism. By turning a wheel on its side every 15 minutes for a minute, you recharge it enough to stay in standby. Alternatively 2–3 hours of wheel turning are sufficent for a full day of standy power.

And Apple has promised to reduce the sound volume of the device’s ticking in the next Apple Watch generation. :smiley:

I heard that Apple is preparing a new revolutionary accessory in association with Black & Decker for just US$666.66 to you effortless wind-up your iWatch with enough power when traveling, it resembles an electric screwdriver, and the v2 button wheel will have a slot to introduce this innovative device. You just need to maintain your Black Apple Decker Windupper ™ charging for 12 hours before using it for 10 minutes.

Yes, and they’ve just got one more thing: Apple Scepter and Apple Apple ;D