Interactive Web App

Hello. I was a realBASIC user back when you still had to compile for both OS 9 and OS X. I stepped away from programming for a number of years, but I am returning now because I want to build a web app. I hope xojo will be a good platform for this but I have some questions from the seasoned users here.

I need my web app to have very good responsiveness. Animated sliding panels, drag and drop list elements to perform some funtion (tagging, moving, etc.)., animated rollovers, you get the idea. See and for examples of the type of responsiveness that I desire.

My question is whether it is possible to do this with xojo. Is it “easy” to do with xojo or will I be battling many frustrating workarounds? Is xojo up to the task of having many users logged into the app and using it, taking subscription payments, etc.? I want to use xojo because I remember how much I loved using realBASIC, but I want to make sure I am selecting the correct platform for the task.

I appreciate any input you can offer. Thank you!