Integrating Your Xojo App With AI Cloud Services - Examples Issues


I saw the video posted and I kind of forgot about it.

I had a look on the sample projects that were with the videos and apparently they don’t work , I check them and I don’t get any error but when I run them I get a funny message saying [quote]Runtime Error
Location : Common/plugin.cpp:1026
Condition : false
Message : Could not open plugin

Do we need a specific plugin for this ? it was nothing specified in the files from what I saw ? or is this a IDE issue ? I’m running this on the latest XOJO on Mac.


I just noticed this posting… The projects that should be distributed as part of my ML session at XDC Miami should not need any plugins. Can you send me (dropBox or something else) a copy of the project you are trying to run I will try to figure it out.

InternetEncodings is an internal plugin AFAIK.

Maybe you can tell @Jim Meyer what version of Xojo you are using. That might be helpful.

Hello guys, thanks for the replies, the funny part is that all this happened while I opened the project from a mounted drive, once I put it on my Mac the message disappeared, so I guess something related to location on Xojo project side.