Integrating jitsi video conferencing

Does anyone have experiences with integrating the open source video conferencing tool from

I managed it by defining a page-source and calling it in a webhtmlviewer

[code]Var mPage as string
mPage = “<iframe allow=”“camera; microphone”" width="""_

But jitsi has a Javascript-API. I wonder if there is a way to use this api - perhaps using Web SDK?

Before fiddling around with this, I just wanted to hear if someone maybe has already managed it.


I don’t know but I did some integration of a js library to access the camera, using it to read QR codes with an iPhone/iPad/laptop camera from the web browser.

WebSDK is definitely the way to go !

Basically WebHTML works if set to WebKit (Chromium) and not to native mode. But it lacks to detect and enable Microphones and Webcams. Worked a couple of weeks on this before and did not found a solution.

Is the url localhost or does it begin with “https://” ?

You have to use LoadURL and not LoadPage like Frank posted. Otherwise you will have XSS.

in addition to my posts before: Both, the XOJO internal and ChromiumBrowserMBS have the same Error missing to connect to Cam and Microphone. Maybe Christian has the time to take a deeper look into?

I’be just downloaded latest CEF with their cefclient test app. This one works so I think it has something to do with how Chromium is wrapped in Xojo.

I managed to get it to work.

  1. Place a WebHTMLViewer on your Webpage

  2. Create a constant with the following content:


  1. Detect the width and height of the WebHTMLViewer. Define a unique Room-Name

  2. Create a variable (say html as string) where you replace @room, @width, @height with the informations from step 3.

  3. Now transfer variable html as page to your WebHTMLViewer using HTMLViewer1.LoadPage(html)

If your are calling the Web-App from your mobile, the Jitsi-Framework detects that it needs the App, places a message in the HTMLViewer and will guide you.

Per @Tomas Jakobs comment above, isn’t LoadPage going to expose XSS risk ?

jitsi doesnt work in safari at all here so that cuts out mac users of a xojo program

does it work in WebKit on windows at all ?

so far the only thing I’ve found it works in Is Crome so maybe it will work WebKit on Windows ?

Hi Norman,

On Mac it works best in Chrome (best support of WebRTC) and Firefox ESR, Firefox 74+ has a broken WebRTC support. I am not aware of when it will be fixed by Mozilla. There is an older Jitsi Desktop App and a bunch of Electron based Community Clients, but I wouldn’t recommend them.

If anybody want to check out a free instance:

@Frank: This is promising! Will check this out today. Would be superb if it works…

I’m using Opera as my first browser, it is working fine there. A thread about supported browsers you’ll find on Github.

Here you can see the project in action - thanks to my friends who allowed the film.

Is there any code you can share?

@Dirk: A way to integrate Jitsi into your Web-Apps I shared above. Or are you interested in something else?

I didn’t realise that was all that was needed.
I’ll have to give it a try.

Hi Frank,

This is very interesting!
I am trying to follow your procedure it can’t make it work particularly

Is it possible to share your code?

Dim x as string=



Thanks Jay. Let me try. :slight_smile:

Still NOT working for me (safari and chrome).

WHERE: x is declared as string properties in webpage contains the

Dim html As String
html = x.Replace("@room",“test”)
html = html.ReplaceAll("@width",“300”)
html = html.Replace("@height",“300”)

HTMLViewer1.LoadPage(html )[/code]

– OR –



:frowning: maybe I missed something?

you do not need width and height if you have made use of proper css and you want to maintain auto resize. You may check my software. I’ve tried the same but not as website but as desktop client app for windows. But I failed to get running mic and webcam due bad implementation of Chromium Engine (CEFv3) in XOJO.

Here’s the link: