Integrate external executable


for a project I just need to create a GUI for a console application created in C++. My external code consists of an executable and 2 dylib. I assume the only way to interact with the external executable is via Shell, isn’t it? I have an issue though which I could not figure it out…
To be able to “distribute” the final app, I wanted to include the external files in the .app build, so I created a “copy files” build step. However the shell seems to work with absolute paths…so how to access the external executable?


@Davide Pagano — I am talking only for macOS applications.

You can copy other executables into your App’s MacOS folder (where the Xojo executable resides). You should be able to invoke other executables either with their plain name or with “./”, given that the PWD variable should be set to “.app/Contents/MacOS/”.

It does not work here (macOS too). Indeed if I invoke pwd from my application it returns “/”…

Can you try setting a FolderItem to a Special Folder (e.g. Resources) and reading the NativePath property?