Int32 to Double *Error*


After converting many programs to API2, on a program I have received an error by not converting an Int32 to a Double. I usually just get warnings and not an error. Has anyone else seen this error before?


I don’t know which parameter to fix as it causes an error and doesn’t provide suggestions as to where the error occurs in code.

Does anyone have some helpful suggestions?

Edit: This is with Windows 10, Xojo 2020 R2.1

I’ve only seen this kind of dialog when there is an error in an encrypted class.

Hi Kem,

This program uses the built-in report program with Xojo. I don’t know if Xojo does encryption within the program? I haven’t added anything special and just used the default Report settings.

Is this when you build or when you analyze the project?

Hi Greg,

I get this error when I press the Analyze Project menu item.

Hm. My guess is that there really is an error under there but it’s being obscured by a warning.

Is that a project that you could send me privately so I can get the underlying error for you?

Sure, I’ll send it to you privately. I have about 12 programs that have this error. Could you send me your contact information, or send me a private message?