installing Xojo problem

Full disclosure, I’ve been away from Windows for 10-12 years so I am rusty but I want to install Xojo on a Windows 7 SP1 machine.

I downloaded the Windows version of 17r1.1 and got a file named Xojo2017r11Setup with no extension. When I click on it, it asks what application I want to use to open the File.

Since I can’t find zip.exe or winzip.exe on my machine can I assume that the ability to unzip a file is built into Windows? How do I open the file to install Xojo?

Typically by default Windows does not display known file extensions when using Windows Explorer to view your folders/files. You have to set a folder option to reveal all file extensions. If you are positive that your downloaded file has no extension, I’d try downloading it again. Sounds like there was an error downloading the file. Windows does allow you to extract ZIP files without having to install WinZIP or other tool. Right-clicking a ZIP file should give you a pop-up menu and extract option.

Xojo 2017R1.1 download for Windows should be an installer file and not in zip format

Just make sure you download for the Windows platform and the successful download installer just takes a double click to begin the installation :smiley:

This is the filename for the Xojo Windows download: Xojo2017r11Setup.exe

It’s possible your Windows Explorer does not show extensions, but you ought to be able to run the file directly without unzipping it or anything.

Ohhh…I beat Paul by like 9 seconds :smiley:

1st, I have changed the preferences to always display file extensions - it makes me nuts when they don’t show.

I have clicked, double-clicked, right-clicked and pleaded with it to no avail.

I am running Windows 7 and it does have Service Pack 1

should have added, I’ve check the file properties to make sure it isn’t blocked or something.

And I have downloaded it TWICE

But I get the Windows dialog box asking what program I want to use to open the file.

Are you a regular user or user/admin on the Windows 7 OS?

I believe the installer will want admin permission for installation (UAC)

Not sure about the “What program do you want to use to open the file” as it is an executable installer file

Ok, it’s fixed. Here’s the scenario: I used IE (mistake) to download the file both times. And apparently I had not yet set the preference to show file extensions so IE downloaded it WITHOUT an extension.

I switched and downloaded it Chrome and everything worked perfectly.

This fixes lots of problems on Windows. IE is awful. Edge on Windows 8 and 10 is pretty good, though.