Install xojo on Linux(Debian 8 jessie)


¿How can I install xojo(IDE) in Linux(Debian 8 jessie)?
Can anybody help me?

After extracting the xojo , I have the xojo2015r4.1 contains the below folders

Documentation , Example projects ,Extras , Plugins , Project Templates , Read Mes , Resources , Scripts , Xojo lIbs and xojo.xpm icon and xojo icon

I have double clicked the xojo icon, But its not opening.

System was not provide any response.

click on the executable & check properties to make sure it is executable

Can’t be done on rpi. If you mean that

Linux can be tricky if you are not familiar with it. For starters, you have not mentioned if this is 32-bit or 64-bit.

As the System Requirements note, 32-bit is recommended with Linux.

If you are trying on a 64-bit system, then you’ll need the 32-bit compatibility libraries at the least. The 64-bit Configuration section lists some you can try.

Lastly, launching Xojo from the command line (and maybe using the ldd command) can help identify libraries that you need to install.