Install Windows 11 with VirtualBox 7.0.6 on Ventura

I tried many times, but I always end with the following (screen shot below).

Ventura (13.2.1) / MacBookPro m1 (13-inch, M1, 2020).
The iso above have been downloaded yesterday (or on Monday)

Help, please.

Don’t you need Windows ARM to be used with VirtualBox in an M1 machine?

I read that you can use UTM and install x64 versions of Windows if you want to try that.

Edit: the information here: Chapter 1. First Steps is not clear

An installer package is available for macOS/Arm64, for systems using an Apple silicon CPU. With this package, you can run some guest operating systems for Intel x86/x64 CPUs in an emulation.

The macOS/Arm64 installer package for Apple silicon platform is available as a Developer Preview release. This package represents a work in progress project and the performance is very modest.

Some guest operating systems: maybe Windows 11 is not one of them?
Performance is very modest: in other words, better to use ARM version?

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Thank you Alberto for your help.

Windows ARM:
I do not know. [I will see if I can download one].

There is also some videos on YouTube that deals with Windows 11 on VirtualBox, but these works fine.
That is why I never watch this kind of things (videos tutorial): everything is always OK, sometimes they use (as I saw there too) an old version (probably an Intel VirtualBox version) running Ventura…

Sometimes, you can do everything / every kind of searches on the internet, nothing will beat a real person with knowledge !

At last, I downloaded the User’s Manual and it was useless. But, the online (html) manual looked like what I had in from of me !

Their “An installer package is available…” probably means:

That is a screen shot of VirtualBox’s title bar.

I have 14 minutes near the end of a Windows 10 download and will try that, then I will go back home and install Windows in my i5 MBP. Then, I will be able to fine tune an application to runs on Windows…

I know. It needs to be VirtualBox for ARM (Currently Beta/Preview, so unstable), and a Windows x86 emulated (slow).

Better using UTM.

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That is what I have, now.


Do you have ‘Enable EFI’ selected?

try unselecting that.

My opinion, for the Mac, use Parallels. The latest, Parallels Desktop 18 is optimized for Ventura on x86 and Apple Silicon (M1/M2). It will also setup for Windows 11 and point you to where you can get the ARM version of Windows 11. I installed it my M1 based MacBook Air and it works great! I’ve been using Parallels for years and it just keeps getting better and better.

I will check the advice above later in the afternoon (if I can get some times to do ).

Yesterday, I installed VirtualBox on my i5 MBP (2014) and it was a pain. But, at last, I installed Windows 10 in it.

Then I was able to (try) to debug the project who worked fine (nicely) on macOS… I am still trying to debug it.

As an example, System.DebugLog probably wrote a report, but not in the 2015r1 IDE…

I do not have internet available and I cannot move that laptop (the screen is broken), so it does not help.

More details by tomorrow.

Thank you all.

BTW: I recall something. I think Rick told me about … “VirtualBox” is slow (on m1 MBP).

I can tell you that Xojo 2015r1 is slow on a 2014 MBP i5 / VirtualBox… I have the time to see the tab drawing at project open, then the name are drawing in the tabs :rofl:

But I can work with that.

I also use Parallels, and it is really the best for this task… but paid. People trying VBox or using UTM usually are running from paid options.

I use VBox in my PC for Intel VMs. If UTM was for Mac and PC, maybe I would try it in my PC, and maybe I could switch for it in the future.

The BETA VirtualBox for M1 contains a X86 emulator, it does not run native code as it does in a Intel machine. That’s why it is sluggish (when it runs depending on hardware and software).

In fact, I use that i5 MBP to watch TV since its monitor crashed last year.

I forget that it was so slow (or… the MBP m1 I use everyday is faster :smile:

I have no issues with the free stuff and use when possible. I’ve just had very good luck with Parallels over the years and it just gets better and better.

I had a VMWare license for a long time with no issues.

Then after one minor Mac version update it no longer worked and asked for an ‘upgrade’ fee.

Installed VirtualBox. It worked - and it still worked - through many Mac updates.

I tried Greg thread, but failed miserably.

I actually use VirtualBox on an MBP i5 with broken monitor and deficient keyboard (some keys forget to work, sometimes most of the times)… not easy.

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