Install remote debugger on Linux

How does one install the Remote Debugger Desktop stub on Linux?

I’m a newbie as far as Linux is concerned. I can see that it’s not like a mac, it doesn’t install with a double click of the file but needs something like sudo apt-get install Remote Debugger Desktop from Terminal, but I don’t seem to be able to get it to run.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


The Linux stub doesn’t need to be installed, but it does need to be made executable. All popular GUI file and desktop managers provide some interface for this, usually in the file’s properties display (or using the command line.) Once that’s done it ought to run when you double-click it.

If you’re using a 64-bit kernel, you will need to install the 32-bit compatibility package(s) for your distro.

Mmm, thanks but still not working. Let me retrace my steps in case you can see the error.

  1. Copied files that came within the folders Remote Debugger Desktop/Linux in Xojo onto Linux desktop - namely “Remote Debugger Desktop” and 2 folders called “Remote Debugger Desktop Libs” and “Resources”.

  2. Opened properties for Remote Debugger Desktop and checked “make executable”

  3. Double clicked same file, it provides a dialogue asking if you want to Execute or Open with something else, so click Execute.

  4. Then nothing happens, no evidence of the file running.

Linux is running Debian on a 32bit Raspberry Pi.

Can you tell what is missing?


Xojo and apps made with Xojo only run on Intel-based versions of Linux. Alas, Raspberry Pi uses ARM.

Oh, b*****, as one says when stubbing one’s toe! I guess I didn’t read the small print! I guess ARM’s not even on the horizon!

it does work you just need to install the following librariesby typing ‘sudo apt-get install libunwind8’

for more info go to Page Not Found — Xojo documentation