Install iOS app from Developer's website in Europe


Has anyone done this? Do you know if it’s as simple as build for App Store and put up on my website? Thanks!


Not possible unless you have hacked iOS

Are you sure Christophe?

About installing alternative app marketplaces and apps offered through alternative app distribution

Only users based in the European Union are able to install apps through alternative app distribution. The country or region of your Apple ID must be set to one of the countries or regions of the European Union, and you must be physically located in the European Union.

(From Apple’s Website)


How to install apps from a developer’s website

  1. Use a web browser on your iPhone with iOS 17.5 or later to find an app you want to install from web distribution.
  2. Tap the link to install.
  3. Before you can complete installation of any given app from a developer website, you’ll see a message stating that you have to approve it. Open the Settings app. Tap the message to “Allow Apps From [Developer]” at the top of Settings.
  4. Read the information about what installing an app from a developer website means for your iPhone, then tap Allow and confirm your choice.
  5. After allowing installation, go back to install the app again and follow the onscreen steps.

One of the requirements:

  • Be a member in good standing of the Apple Developer Program for two continuous years or more, and have an app that had more than one million first annual installs on iOS in the EU in the prior calendar year.

maybe possible for some but not all.

Ah, that’s the end of that so :smiley: Thanks Alberto

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It looks like there’s more to come…

European Commission finds Apple in breach of Digital Markets Act

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