Install Font MacOS / App Wrapper

I have a font that I would like to install for users.
In Windows, I can do that with Inno Setup.

On the Mac, in theory, I could ‘launch’ the font file but that requires Font Book to appear, and then be interacted with.
On my own machine, it actually launches a font editor, which is of no use.

I can set a path so that the font is usable by my app only - thats good enough for now.
That is achieved using an info.plist setting ATSApplicationFontsPath

An earlier post about this spends a long time discussing how to do it, but the simple method is to

  • drag a TTF font into your project.
  • It will be bundled into Resources.
  • Then , amend the info.plist so that it includes this line:


Now, the question is: how to make that happen with reasonable automation?

It used to be that having an info.plist file in the project meant that what you had in it , would be added to the final file by Xojo.
But it doesnt seem to be working for me.

App Wrapper also modifies the info.plist to add or remove capabilities at codesign time.

So my ideals would be:

a/ get Xojo to respect my embedded info.plis
b/ have a place in App Wrapper where I could add ad-hoc plist entries

It may be possible in AW, but if so, I haven’t found it.
Anyone have any tips?

Why not adding the Font in the Resource folder of the app?

Why not adding the Font in the Resource folder of the app?

Thats exactly what the process above describes.
The font is located in resources.
The info.plist entry is what tells MacOs that there is a font in there.

So no need to install the font on the customers system. Or do I misunderstand the question?

In part.
I would LIKE to install automatically, so that the font is usable when my app quits.
Making that happen is very difficult, all applescript methods I have seen wouldnt work on my machine for example- the wrong app opens by default.

So I am resigned to explaining to customer how to do that manually if need be.

What I most need right now, is a way to automate the entry into info.plist
Xojo should be doing it, but doesn’t seem to be.
App Wrapper can do similar, but doesn’t seem to have a way for me to add ad-hoc entries

I use FontActivate MBS. It can either keep the font for the app, or activate for the whole system.

FontActivate MBS

I suspected they had something like that, but every time I try to search for MBS stuff, all I get given is Filemaker pages.
Thanks Michel.

MBS documentation is often confusing.

I get better results on

And that does not suffice, I contact @Christian_Schmitz . He is very helpful.

Please search on the Xojo documentation website for MBS Plugin:

It is, on the Edit menu, there is an option to edit the Information Property List with a plist editor.

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