Inspector fields no longer acknowledge case changes again

In 2016r4.1, if you change the case of an item in an Inspector field, Xojo ignores your change. For example, if I change the type of a property from ‘boolean’ to ‘Boolean’, Xojo simply resets it back to boolean again. Similarly, if I change the name of the property from ‘showtimezone’ to ‘showTimezone’, it resets it back to ‘showtimezone’.

To work around this, I can dirty the field more by adding a character, committing it by hitting Return, then deleting the additional character and changing the case. In other words, changing from boolean to boolean1 to Boolean will work fine.

This isn’t really a big deal except when I am working on a project that someone else previously worked on and I have a lot of changes to make it to bring it up to my internal standard.

I’m almost certain this was an issue in the past and then it was fixed, so it seems like a regression which is why I’m not filing a new case right away. I can’t find a case for the old issue - anyone aware of it? And anyone else see this same behavior? I am on macOS Sierra 10.12.2.

I have just tried it, it also occurs in Linux (2016r4.1)

Same on Windows.

I noticed that some time ago, and I remember it was working some more time ago, but don’t recall what version exactly.