Inspector behaviour bug. Anyone else seeing it?

Feedback Case Number:

There is a sample project attached to the feedback case.

Can anyone else reproduce this? It’s really annoying.

I have a custom button (that is a DesktopCanvas subclass). It has several computed properties, some of which I have marked (via right-clicking) to be visible in the inspector. The bug is specifically affecting the property of WorkspaceButton.IconScale:

If I place an instance of WorkspaceButton onto a window and look at its inspector, the IconScale property is not listed:

However, I have a ContainerControl that has several instances of WorkspaceButton. If I click on these in the inspector then the IconScale property is visible:

This is obviously a bug. The expected behaviour is that the IconScale property should be visible whenever an instance of WorkspaceButton is selected in the IDE, irrespective of whether or not it’s in a ContainerControl or not.

What is strange is that all the other custom properties for WorkspaceButton are shown in the inspector. I have no idea why only IconScale isn’t.