Inspector behavior for windows, containercontrols or webpages

inspector behavior is a fantastic tool in xojo ide.
I wonder why you can edit the properties for a window or a container control or a web page subclass
and it does not appear in the ide property inspector after that
is it a bug or something that can’t or won’t be implemented ?

thanks for some explainations.

there are some entries about it in feedback, but none with a clear solution.

well after some tests it appears to work for the containercontrols
you just have to remove and reset the superclass of the instance to see the properties and headings in the ide navigator pane.
still it does not work for the window class, and not the webpages.

after some more tests, it appears that this works for internal containercontrols, not if the containers are external to the project. if you change the inspector behavior parameters in an external containercontrol, it is correctly saved, but nothing appears on the instances or subclasses of the container.
should I file a bug report, or is it like this by design ?


I’m not sure @Greg_O_Lone would have a better idea.

File a bug report.

Just curious though, if you quit the IDE and reload the project, does it work?