inspector behavior ... default behavior ?

Hi all,

I make quite an intense use of external classes I use among many projects.
I create a class as I need it for a project, thinking to reuse it in another project
for control classes, I always add some properties I display with the inspector behavior.

most of the times, when I reopen this external class in another project, the properties I checked for the inspector are not all checked in the other project.
and if I uncheck some of them they are not unchecked in the first project.

what is the logic behind the inspector behavior ? where are the wanted checked items stored ?
is it project based ? (which I could understand) Is it class file based ? (it seems not)
could it be some attribut I could use to tell the inspector to always use this and this properties ?

thanks for explaining me what you understand about this.

no one ? =(

@Jean-Yves Pochez — My understanding is that the Inspector Behavior is actually stored inside the external item and those values are used when you add this external item to a project.

HOWEVER, should a change in the Inspector Behavior be written into the external item? That is debatable because you may want to change the default values in one project only or in all projects (potentially breaking them) and the IDE has no way to figure that out.

From the old “Development” iBook:

[quote]“Note: If you make a change to an external project item in one project, the change is NOT automatically reflected in any other projects that are open and also use the same external project item. You have to close and reopen the other projects in order to see the change.”

Excerpt From: Xojo, Inc. “Xojo User Guide: Book 4: Development.” Xojo, Inc., 2014. Apple Books.[/quote]

So the assumption is that changes to externals are saved, and visible upon a reload. That’s been my experience as well.

it’s not that, I open one project at a time and still have different behavior than the “consensus” one.

@Jean-Yves Pochez — Well there does not seem to be a consensus as the piece of documentation brought up by Tanner contradicts my initial understanding. However I don’t know if a change in the Inspector Behavior actually counts as a change which would be written out.

Maybe you could run an experiment:

  1. Open a project using an external class
  2. Modify the Inspector Behavior for that class
  3. Save your project
  4. Check if the external class file has been modified

I would really like the official xojo version for this inspector behavior.