Inserts into Maria not working

We are converting from MySQL to Maria, and the app I wrote will not insert records. It uses the same insert statements that were working before, with MySQL, but It just doesn’t write. I can connect, get a valid connection object, and I can read data from the database, but I can’t insert.

The same statements copied to a sql editor (navicat) will insert. Is there something different about how xojo connects to Maria that I don’t know about. I thought Maria was a drop in replacement for MySQL.

Is it possible that the database user that you use to connect is lacking some permissions in the new database? I mean, the user can connect, can read data but is lacking permissions to edit or write new records.

Could it be that autocommit is off?

Autocommit is the most likely cause.
But have you checked the state of the database after the statement?
Is an error condition generated?

[quote=267822:@David Bailey]HI,
We are converting from MySQL to Maria[/quote]
Can I ask why you’d bother making this switch ?
Moving from MySQL to Maria really doesn’t change that much.