Inserting column header in WebListBox

Is there a trick in inserting a column header in between two existing headers in a WebListBox? Or do I have to manually rewrite them, from the point of the newly inserted one to all the end?

That is, say I have the following headers in the ListBox;

Apples  Oranges  Beets  Carrots Lettuce

and I want to insert Bananas to get this:

Apples Bananas  Oranges  Beets  Carrots Lettuce

Right now, the only way I see of doing this with the IDE is replace everything to the right of Apples with new column headers.

Yes, you have to recreate and manage the rest of the headers.
You will have to do the same with the contents of the columns too. will help

Thanks, as usual, Tim. That’s what I figured, but thought perhaps there was a trick someone had around the first step above.

However, I do wonder what that Add button is for in the Edit Column Headers window. When I click it, it adds another row under the existing header row. I don’t see what that really ends up doing to the ListBox.