insert a record to a database from QR code FROM cellphone

i searched the forum and i wasn’t able to find anything related. i want to use my cellphone to scan QR barcodes and insert it into a database. any idea of how could i achive this?

I have used Pic2ShopPRO on my iPhone to capture barcode data into a Web App. The App has a built in browser and you can capture the bar code then do whatever you want with the data. I built an inventory tracking system that would scan a bar code, accept a little keyboard input, then save the transaction in a database.

It supports many different bar codes including QR codes.

It appears there is also an Android version.

If you decide you want to explore this as a possibility post back here and I will share the code for you.

yes please, i want to explore that as a possibility

Do you want to scan QRCodes that you create or random QRCodes that you happen to find?

If you’re creating the QRCodes:

  • Create QRCodes that look something like or use a static IP address instead of a domain.
  • Create a Xojo Web App that has code in WebApplication.HandleURL to read from the WebRequest.
  • Write the WebRequest data to the Database.

i like this approach @Hal Gumbert . but i was thinking… if i assign an url to the qr code, the user could easily replace the code i want to send, using any web browser… just changing the parameters manually

Why this can be bad ?

maybe is there a few scenarios where it could suppose a security breach? perhaps a user could potentially insert records with the incorrect information? i am just thinking the possibilities, i’m not a security expert

You could encode the parameter string.