Input text on a prompt

I have this code which prints a line “write your text”

Print(“Tua frase:”)
dim tmp as string=input

the input is on the second line in the prompt,

" write your text:
my tex_ "

but i would like to print:

“write your text: my tex_

in C this is possible to do, how can i replicate that ?

Instead of print try using stdout.Write which doesn’t append an end of line (stdout.WriteLine does).

This takes me right back to the beginning on my Dick Smith System 80 (TRS-80 clone).

thank you very much Wayne!

I forgot the short form of Richard (Dick) would be translated by the system into a defamatory remark. Sorry folks.

@Stefano Basile glad this worked for you. Perhaps you could mark the answer to assist any others that may be looking.

Stupid system. It know things most of the people around the world does not and remove it just like if these people wanted to make offend remarks !

I’m always smiling (or so), but I cannot says that I am a g.A.y. person (perple will be misleaded) because some people abusively took for their own usage the meaning of this word to something else, just like they do decades ago for another word who’s synonym of strange …