InnoSetup (or Inno Setup) config


I’ve used InnoSetup with Windows 7 and earlier versions of XoJo successfully. It’s been a year or more since I’ve had to create a Windows installer. Since then there’s been some changes. I’m running a Windows 10 Home Edition machine. I’m using XoJo 2017r1. There’s more files generated with the newer versions of XoJo. I’m reading the docs and searching here but thought it was time to ask a question. Like does anyone have a sample install script they could share? The docs are very generic and none refer to XoJo.

I’ve got a script that does the install but I’m getting GUI errors. Most have to do with bevel buttons. The error is:

Common\plugin.cpp: 990
Failure Condition: pluginEntryTable.GetEntry(entrypointName, out) can’t find plugin method BevelButton.List(row As Integer) As String.Set

For specific scripts:


Nice! Thank you!

Installer works without errors but now have a Runtime Error: Failed to locate Framework DLL. Did I miss something?

Was working with a 32 bit build and a 64 bit install script. Made the build 64 bit. Problem solved.