Innosetup like Windows Setup.exe on macOS

Is it possible to build a Windows Setup.exe (for a Windows Build App) on macOS, without having to boot up a Windows VM and run InnoSetup?
And can this also be done from within a Build Script?

there’s an fr for the IDE to write the innosetup script

I did briefly look at creating an MSI from the Mac but could never find any means to do it

My everyday Project is used in our Company on Windows, Linux and macOS and i would like to avoid booting up Windows 10 in my Parallels VM just to create a Setup.exe with InnoSetup.

Until now i hit “Build” in Xojo and the macOS App is Build, signed and wrapped in a (again signed) DMG, the Linux App is Build, archived and moved to my output Folder. And then the Windows App is Build and i have to boot up Windows in my VM, start InnoSetup and compile the Setup.

Just would like to save some time. :slight_smile:

There’s a few google results that suggest you can do so with Wine / Innosetup

And of course, you know who’s got your back on signing :wink:

Thank you @Tim Parnell and have a nice weekend! :slight_smile:

In the past, I’ve used CodeWeavers CrossOver on Mac to run Inno Setup and build Windows installers. It’s basically a pre-packaged Wine.