Inno help needed with Runtime libs

Previously I used 2015 4.1 for compiling Windows apps.
I finally made the step to compile my Windows apps with the latest Xojo version and already I get a lot of (angry/paying) users who are not happy because the apps won’t work anymore.
This is always related to the needed runtime libs, that are not (correctly) installed and only seems to hit Windows 7 and 8.1 users.
Even if I ask those users to make sure they installed the MS runtime libs, some still cannot make it working.
The only 100% working solution I found is to include the runtime libs. Doing this, some users asked me what those files are … :-/
Basically I only want to install those files when it is needed (read: Win7 and Win 8.1)

So here is my question:
What do I have to add in the Inno script to make sure the api-ms-win-… files are ONLY copied when the users is on Windows 7 or 8.1 - so not for Windows 10?

BTW I tried some Inno scripts, found on the internet, to check if the user already has the runtime libs installed, but that’s not working very nicely. Although that would be the best solution.

This is what I tried to detect if the runtime is present. But it doesn’t work.


Source: “vcredist_x86.exe”; DestDir: {tmp}; Flags: deleteafterinstall

; add the Parameters, WorkingDir and StatusMsg as you wish, just keep here
; the conditional installation Check
Filename: “{tmp}\vcredist_x86.exe”; Check: VCRedistNeedsInstall

INSTALLSTATE_INVALIDARG = -2; { An invalid parameter was passed to the function. }
INSTALLSTATE_UNKNOWN = -1; { The product is neither advertised or installed. }
INSTALLSTATE_ADVERTISED = 1; { The product is advertised but not installed. }
INSTALLSTATE_ABSENT = 2; { The product is installed for a different user. }
INSTALLSTATE_DEFAULT = 5; { The product is installed for the current user. }

VC_2005_REDIST_X86 = ‘{A49F249F-0C91-497F-86DF-B2585E8E76B7}’;
VC_2005_REDIST_X64 = ‘{6E8E85E8-CE4B-4FF5-91F7-04999C9FAE6A}’;
VC_2005_REDIST_IA64 = ‘{03ED71EA-F531-4927-AABD-1C31BCE8E187}’;
VC_2005_SP1_REDIST_X86 = ‘{7299052B-02A4-4627-81F2-1818DA5D550D}’;
VC_2005_SP1_REDIST_X64 = ‘{071C9B48-7C32-4621-A0AC-3F809523288F}’;
VC_2005_SP1_REDIST_IA64 = ‘{0F8FB34E-675E-42ED-850B-29D98C2ECE08}’;
VC_2005_SP1_ATL_SEC_UPD_REDIST_X86 = ‘{837B34E3-7C30-493C-8F6A-2B0F04E2912C}’;
VC_2005_SP1_ATL_SEC_UPD_REDIST_X64 = ‘{6CE5BAE9-D3CA-4B99-891A-1DC6C118A5FC}’;
VC_2005_SP1_ATL_SEC_UPD_REDIST_IA64 = ‘{85025851-A784-46D8-950D-05CB3CA43A13}’;

VC_2008_REDIST_X86 = ‘{FF66E9F6-83E7-3A3E-AF14-8DE9A809A6A4}’;
VC_2008_REDIST_X64 = ‘{350AA351-21FA-3270-8B7A-835434E766AD}’;
VC_2008_REDIST_IA64 = ‘{2B547B43-DB50-3139-9EBE-37D419E0F5FA}’;
VC_2008_SP1_REDIST_X86 = ‘{9A25302D-30C0-39D9-BD6F-21E6EC160475}’;
VC_2008_SP1_REDIST_X64 = ‘{8220EEFE-38CD-377E-8595-13398D740ACE}’;
VC_2008_SP1_REDIST_IA64 = ‘{5827ECE1-AEB0-328E-B813-6FC68622C1F9}’;
VC_2008_SP1_ATL_SEC_UPD_REDIST_X86 = ‘{1F1C2DFC-2D24-3E06-BCB8-725134ADF989}’;
VC_2008_SP1_ATL_SEC_UPD_REDIST_X64 = ‘{4B6C7001-C7D6-3710-913E-5BC23FCE91E6}’;
VC_2008_SP1_ATL_SEC_UPD_REDIST_IA64 = ‘{977AD349-C2A8-39DD-9273-285C08987C7B}’;
VC_2008_SP1_MFC_SEC_UPD_REDIST_X86 = ‘{9BE518E6-ECC6-35A9-88E4-87755C07200F}’;
VC_2008_SP1_MFC_SEC_UPD_REDIST_X64 = ‘{5FCE6D76-F5DC-37AB-B2B8-22AB8CEDB1D4}’;
VC_2008_SP1_MFC_SEC_UPD_REDIST_IA64 = ‘{515643D1-4E9E-342F-A75A-D1F16448DC04}’;

VC_2010_REDIST_X86 = ‘{196BB40D-1578-3D01-B289-BEFC77A11A1E}’;
VC_2010_REDIST_X64 = ‘{DA5E371C-6333-3D8A-93A4-6FD5B20BCC6E}’;
VC_2010_REDIST_IA64 = ‘{C1A35166-4301-38E9-BA67-02823AD72A1B}’;
VC_2010_SP1_REDIST_X86 = ‘{F0C3E5D1-1ADE-321E-8167-68EF0DE699A5}’;
VC_2010_SP1_REDIST_X64 = ‘{1D8E6291-B0D5-35EC-8441-6616F567A0F7}’;
VC_2010_SP1_REDIST_IA64 = ‘{88C73C1C-2DE5-3B01-AFB8-B46EF4AB41CD}’;

{ Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 x86 Minimum Runtime - 11.0.61030.0 (Update 4) }
VC_2012_REDIST_MIN_UPD4_X86 = ‘{BD95A8CD-1D9F-35AD-981A-3E7925026EBB}’;
VC_2012_REDIST_MIN_UPD4_X64 = ‘{CF2BEA3C-26EA-32F8-AA9B-331F7E34BA97}’;
{ Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 x86 Additional Runtime - 11.0.61030.0 (Update 4) }
VC_2012_REDIST_ADD_UPD4_X86 = ‘{B175520C-86A2-35A7-8619-86DC379688B9}’;
VC_2012_REDIST_ADD_UPD4_X64 = ‘{37B8F9C7-03FB-3253-8781-2517C99D7C00}’;

{ Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable 12.0.21005 }
VC_2013_REDIST_X86_MIN = ‘{13A4EE12-23EA-3371-91EE-EFB36DDFFF3E}’;
VC_2013_REDIST_X64_MIN = ‘{A749D8E6-B613-3BE3-8F5F-045C84EBA29B}’;

VC_2013_REDIST_X86_ADD = ‘{F8CFEB22-A2E7-3971-9EDA-4B11EDEFC185}’;
VC_2013_REDIST_X64_ADD = ‘{929FBD26-9020-399B-9A7A-751D61F0B942}’;

{ Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable 14.0.23026 }
VC_2015_REDIST_X86_MIN = ‘{A2563E55-3BEC-3828-8D67-E5E8B9E8B675}’;
VC_2015_REDIST_X64_MIN = ‘{0D3E9E15-DE7A-300B-96F1-B4AF12B96488}’;

VC_2015_REDIST_X86_ADD = ‘{BE960C1C-7BAD-3DE6-8B1A-2616FE532845}’;
VC_2015_REDIST_X64_ADD = ‘{BC958BD2-5DAC-3862-BB1A-C1BE0790438D}’;

{ Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable 14.0.24210 }
VC_2015_REDIST_X86 = ‘{8FD71E98-EE44-3844-9DAD-9CB0BBBC603C}’;
VC_2015_REDIST_X64 = ‘{C0B2C673-ECAA-372D-94E5-E89440D087AD}’;

function MsiQueryProductState(szProduct: string): INSTALLSTATE;
external ‘MsiQueryProductState{#AW}@msi.dll stdcall’;

function VCVersionInstalled(const ProductID: string): Boolean;
Result := MsiQueryProductState(ProductID) = INSTALLSTATE_DEFAULT;

function VCRedistNeedsInstall: Boolean;
{ here the Result must be True when you need to install your VCRedist }
{ or False when you don’t need to, so now it’s upon you how you build }
{ this statement, the following won’t install your VC redist only when }
{ the Visual C++ 2010 Redist (x86) and Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redist(x86) }
{ are installed for the current user }
Result := not (VCVersionInstalled(VC_2010_REDIST_X86) and

Why don’t you let the Universal Runtime Installer decide (by always running it)?
And just use what’s documented: Xojo Windows Universal Runtime

Source: “VC_redist.x86.exe”; DestDir: {tmp}

Filename: {tmp}\VC_redist.x86.exe; Parameters: “/install /quiet /norestart”; StatusMsg: “Installing 32-bit runtime…”; Flags: waituntilterminated[/code]

check out as it is Inno Setup functions to install .net, the universal runtimes, etc in Inno Setup. It does what you want it to do, install the run times only if it doesnt already exist on the host system. You can either include the runtimes in the installer or have the installer download it at runtime (if they are needed).

The problem with using the URI is that it sometimes fails (and locks up the entire setup process). I want to avoid this and add the api-ms-win instead when needed.
It’s all about a smooth process without any glitches (read: don’t upset your paying customers).