Innisetup how to install into Program files (x86)

as for Innosetup examples, in [Source] I have:

and in [Files] I have:
DestDir: “{app}”;

yet the Wizard makes the installation into Program Files.
Is there a way so that the Wizard for Destination automatically selects Program Files (x86), instead of the user having to manually browse to Program Files (x86)?

Suggestions welcome. Thank you.

If your app is 64 bit, why do you want to install in Program Files (x86) which is for 32bit apps?

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Because I am dumb and thought (x86) meant 64bit!

Glad you’ve got that figured out :slight_smile:

To answer your original question, to install into Program Files (x86) you need to change the flag that indicates what architecture your installer is going to install.
ArchitecturesAllowed=x86 x64

You also need to remove the directive ArchitecturesInstallIn64BitMode=x64

You can find more details in the InnoSetup Documentation:

Thank you for the direction; but no, I don’t need to install 32bit apps.

Another mystery of the world is that C:\Windows\System32 is for 64 bit apps!