Info.Plist Localization

I just successfully implement MBS Google AdMob plugin from @Christian_Schmitz.

Gg Admob need user tracking authorisation. In the info.plist file I use this key for tracking description:

<string>This identifier will be used to deliver personalized ads to you.</string>

My question is how to localise this string?

You should create “InfoPlist.strings” file to localize values of Info.plist.
This file is a strings file (not a property list) whose entries consist of the Info.plist key.


I know how to do that in my Xcode Project but how do you do that in Xojo?

You can create this text file with an external text editor and then copy this file into the package with a Xojo build script or with a xojo copy build step.

Here is another way of doing it with String constants in a module and a Xojo build script.

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