I just added my Mac apps (Sleep Aid & App Wrapper) to IndieAppSales for their March promotion. If anyone else is interested in joining, visit


Wow… The number of Indie developers here seems to have radically declined in the last few years.

I’d be really curious to see what Xojo’s usage statistics are. I personally use it for internal development projects at my business - just as I have at prior positions.

I suspect the increased approachability of OS provider toolkits, in particular Apple’s, is taking a bite out of Xojo’s indie appeal.

I wouldn’t deny that, outside of Xojo, the rest of the industry continues to move at a break-neck pace.
There are toolkits that allow you to target, Mac, Window, Linux, iPad, Android and iOS from one single code base. Apple’s of course allows you to target all of it’s devices from a one project and one UI design.

Or aren’t interested in ‘’.
Never heard of it. Seems a bit amateurish site anyway. With very likely low visitor rate.
Or am I wrong? :slight_smile:


It’s one guy, who’s doing what he can to help other indie developers gain exposure in the times of the App Stores. If you don’t want to participate, that’s entirely up to you, but for me personally, I’m grateful that there’s people like Matt who’re willing to put their time into creating programs like this, the more we help him, the more it will help us over time.

But like @ChristopheDV , I am also interested in finding out how, based on your post, you conclude that this number has “radically declined”. :slight_smile:

Please do not get me wrong. I have benefited from your apps such as AppWrapper for a long time and I admire your talent. Just as I have valued your expertise here in the forum for a long time.
Unfortunately, in the last few months I’ve come to associate your posts more and more with complaints about the direction in which Xojo is developing. That’s a shame, because even if many people here may agree with you, that doesn’t mean that the majority of Xojo users have the same opinion.
Maybe Xojo is developing exactly the way it needs to develop in order to be able to adequately support the majority of it’s users in the future? We do not know it. Or do we? :slight_smile:


Can you share some figures how popular that site is? What are the daily visitors? Hit rate?
For sure, if that site is very popular and does gain some momentum, I could add my apps too.
Otherwise I wouldn’t bother (sorry).

The simple fact that hardly anyone here is interested in participating in an event that is designed to help them. Out of everywhere I’ve shared information on this promotion, this forum is the only place where people have turned their nose up at it, as if it’s not good enough for them.

So, you don’t wanna participate, don’t. At least I now know, not to waste my time sharing these kind of promotions in this community, because they’re beneath the developers here.

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The site looks like a cool idea. Are most of the site visitors developers or potential buyers? I wouldn’t mind listing my stuff there as I have no desire to use the various App Stores.

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I honestly couldn’t say, but the creator is on Twitter and Mastadon, you could ask him

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Why do you have to make everything so negative? I’m doing a promo with BundleHunt currently. I can’t do 2 promos just after each other. There may be other reasons why there was no reaction here.


Because I tried to do something that I believed was good, everywhere else was positive, but here…

Honestly, that’s below your level…

If you really can’t help but complain about Xojo and us, then maybe you should take a break. It would be a shame if you continued to build up your disappointment and it ultimately came to a rupture. :person_shrugging:


BundleHunt is very good. It definitely gives a sales boost.

It has been pointed out to me that more members of this community are grateful to hear about promotional opportunities for their Mac apps, than those who have written comments.

I have been asked to ignore those comments and individuals, and to continue sharing this kind of information with those who appreciate it.


@Sam_Rowlands I think your idea is cool, and it is definitely appreciated around here, and I even would like to join up.

That being said, I think you somewhat misunderstood the feedback / questions you got above: I think people here are just curious about what it is, and wanted to know more, hence the questions. There’s no need to malign them, as far as I can tell.

TL;DR Thanks for sharing, this is a good initiative. But trying cooling down a bit.



9to5Mac did an article on IndieAppSales and look at the first product listed!

The event starts next week, so you’ve still got time to participate.


Looking through the list I see

  • Michael Tsai’s “DropDMG”, and seems like all of his apps.
  • Thomas Tempelmann’s “Find Any File”.
  • Cihat Gündüz’s “CrossCraft: Custom Crosswords” (Cihat Gündüz has been helping devs convert their apps to visionOS).
  • Onlab’s “DisplayBuddy”,
  • Leitmotif’s “Kaleidoscope”.
  • Mark DiFranco’s “Picasso”.

So there’s some well known indie apps, Mac apps, iOS apps, iPad apps, visionOS apps, Android apps, I wonder how many Xojo apps can get there?

p.s. Also cool to see Sleep Aid’s icon used in the banner.