Incremental compilation issue

Since I upgraded to 2021r1 (and/or Big Sur at about the same time), the IDE compiles all my code (c. 900 classes) every time I do a debug run on MacOS, even if I don’t make any changes. I’ve tried all the standard tricks (e.g. clearing caches, etc.) to no avail. My project is stored in text format (so I can use Git). This wasn’t an issue before.

Hang on, I just remembered another change… Aha! Setting the MacOS build to Universal is causing this to happen, setting it to MacOS Intel causes the issue to go away

Is this an IDE bug? Or is it a feature? If a feature, why?

Please report via feedback.
I bet Xojo clears cache when switching from Intel to ARM.
They may just want to use two folders for that.



Yeah, I suspect the problem is that we do two builds and they overwrite the cache each time.

To test that theory, one could set the compile to ARM only and compile once.
Make a minor change and see if the next compilation is incremental or complete.

That only works if you are on an Apple ARM Mac. I’m not yet in a position to have access to such a device. (Note we’re talking about debug runs only. Full builds are always non-incremental)

IMHO it makes no sense to build universal for debug runs. Why not compile automatically for the current platform?