Incorporating Google Charts into Xojo

Hi everybody,

I am too newbie in Xojo but I love it. Before I used Filemaker Database. Recently, I have seen this video in youtube where the Google Charts are included into a Filemaker Solution. Should it be possible to incorporate these charts into Xojo?

Incorporating Google Charts into a FileMaker Solution:

Thank you very much.

That tutorial will apply to Xojo as well. They are just using an htmlviewer to do the work.

Though the video is wrong on one point: The graph is not rendered on Google’s servers. The data never passes to Google, instead the javascript library renders them in the browser/htmlviewer.

edit: Here is a quick and dirty example:

Others have worked on this before.

Great!!! Thank you very much to Bob and Langue for your answers. Bob, your example is very illustrative and it works perfectly, thanks again.


This uses the version 1 API which is depreciated and lacks many of the features of the current API.

Thanks Bob.

I’d been thinking of using Raphael.js which is total overkill my purposes. I didn’t even know Google Charts existed tbh and these will be perfect for my needs.