InApp Subscriptions and Products accepted into MAS

Apple have accepted my first Xojo app into the MAS which contains InApp Subscriptions and Products. It is v2.0 of Bulk Email.

Some issues:

  1. It is a free app (it used to be $US19.99) with InApp product purchases and subscriptions, but neither purchases nor subscriptions are essential for using the app. You can use the app forever at no cost.
  2. you can use product purchases without subscriptions, or subscriptions without product purchases
  3. Apple required a link to a Privacy Policy on a web site in the Description (not just in the App itself).
  4. Apple required a link to a Terms of Use/Service on a web site in the Description (not just in the App itself)
  5. The Terms of Use/Service must describe the auto-renewable nature of any purchased subscriptions
  6. I create a username and password on my MySQL server automatically on first run (to store purchases and clicks, not personal details). Apple required the ability for the user to see this account’s password, should the user ever want to upgrade their Mac.
  7. I have used the Tempelmann/Rowlands code to authenticate as a MAS app in the Open event
  8. I have used the MBS AppStore code to look up the products and subscriptions so I can place them into a purchase list. This code also manages the purchase of subscriptions and products: I am notified when a purchase/subscription was successful through this code, allowing me to update my MySQL database, linking their account with the purchase (I still have no details on who or where they are). This allows me to check if they try to purchase the same product a second time — I can inform them that they already own it, when it was purchased and stop the purchase being sent to the MBS code.
  9. I was able to licence the CKEditor software for way less than normal (since I am a solo developer), but will have to increase this if it sells very well (for a high, but reasonable once-off fee). I don’t know if this deal will be available for others.

I have no idea if this free/InApp model of applications will sell, but I hope it will as I plan to re-release my other MAS apps as 64-bit, free and with (where suitable) InApp purchases!

Another feature:
• For the WebSite version you can purchase your Product/Subscription right inside the App using PayPal viewing in an HTMLViewer. I have PayPal set to go to a certain URL on successful payment receipt. I have the HTMLViewer detect if/when we visit that site and, if so, update my MySQL database with the sale.
• For the MAS version I hide this HTMLViewer and display the MAS dialogs instead.

This allows me to have one set of InApp purchasing code for PayPal and MAS. It also means I don’t need to set up PayPal IPN receivers since my app knows who the purchaser is already!

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

specially if you have some real inApp sales !