In-memory SQLite database using SQLDatabaseMBS?

Am I correct in assuming we cannot create an in-memory SQLite database using SQLDatabaseMBS, like we can using SQLiteDatabase?

I have used the latest MBS Prerelease to successfully connect to a path name and it works great. If I remove the path name I was hoping it would create the SQLite database in memory. It’s not a major issue and is an easy workaround to use SQLiteDatabase at those times, but I thought I’d ask.

use special path “:memory:” to open in memory database.
As far as I know this does work.

for SQLDatabaseMBS, maybe use “sqlite::memory:”

Yes thank you, the triple colon worked:

'myHost = pathToSQLiteFile
myHost = “:memory:”
tempSQLDatabaseMBS.DatabaseName = “sqlite:” + myHost

I also made example projects for next version.