In-app purchases

Is there a current example of how to get in app purchases working?
I’m hoping it’s not an overwhelming amount of plumbing.

Did you check the StoreKit example coming with MBS Plugins?

You may copy & paste a lot.

never knew you had something for this. I will check.

Thank you

our testing shows that the mbs plugin for IAP does the job…


You can also use the StoreKit module in iOSKit. There are several threads here on the forum discussing iAP. iOSKit/Modules/StoreKit at master · kingj5/iOSKit · GitHub

Thank you.

I added a new version of my app to the App Store (not released yet)
I migrated your desktop code over to iOS. it compiles fine and reports that I can make purchases.
When I go to get product info I get invalid product name.


  1. Your demo is desktop. Is anyone using this on iOS yet?
  2. Is there an entitlement or something that has to be setup I can see the provisioning profile does allow in app purchases.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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