Improvements to Documentation Search

We have been working on some improvements to the Xojo Documentation search. Those changes are now rolling out and will be live for everyone shortly.

These changes include:

-A hotkey (command-K) that is separate from on-page browser search to bring it up (in addition to clicking)
-Scroll and see more possibly-relevant results, not just 4-5
-Use phrase-based search (by using double quotes)
-See result hierarchy (if there is any) in results
-Get search suggestions if no results are present for the query

We are still continuing to improve the content of the search results, so if you do a search that doesn’t return what you are expecting, please open an Issue and let us know.


Some of you have probably noticed this over the past month, but you can now “show all results” by scrolling to the bottom of your search and click to view all results.