Improvements for Project Reopening Post-Git Head or Branch Change

Before I submit a feedback report, I want to share my experiences and gather your insights to ensure I’m addressing this issue comprehensively:

I’ve encountered challenges with XOJO when reopening a project after a git head/branch change, even though the folder locations remain unaltered.

Currently, the process can be quite challenging. XOJO has difficulty locating external items, which can lead to a bit of frustration. To illustrate this, I’ve recorded a 4:30-minute (!!) screencast of me trying to navigate the issues when opening my project:

Direct video link

What adds to the challenge is the lack of path information provided by XOJO. For instance, in my repo, I have several ‘data’ folders. When XOJO prompts to ‘Locate folder, ‘Data’’, it becomes difficult to discern which ‘Data’ folder it refers to without any path information.

To enhance this experience, I’d like to propose a few improvements:

  1. Improvement request: XOJO should do a better job remembering where external things are after changing the git head/branch

  2. Improvement Request: XOJO should remember the expected path for external items. This could involve two steps: A) Attempt to locate the item before prompting the user. B) If user intervention is needed, provide the expected path to aid in distinguishing between folders with identical names.

  3. XOJO could prioritize top-level folders during its search. Once located (either automatically or with user assistance), it could then search within the folder for any necessary child folders.

Also, I’ve noticed that when using external items, XOJO creates a lot of empty folders that mirror the folders in the project file. Git ignores these, and hence will not create them when changing the head/branch—perhaps this is contributing to the problem?

I believe these suggestions could be beneficial; do you think there are other aspects I may have overlooked?


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