Impossible to find the specified module

in a desktop app (windows 10 pro) I use this code:

Soft Declare Function GetReaderType Lib "uFCoder-x86.dll" (byref get_reader_type  As Uint32) As UInt32

I put uFCoder-x86.dll in C:, it search, found the dll and all is OK.

On another PC, I don’t know why, it dos not find uFCoder-x86.dll and it gives me an error:


“Impossible to find the specified module”

Now I’m sure that uFCoder-x86.dll is in C:, and it is the same file on the other pc.

What can I ceck?


Try putting it in the same folder as your executable.

no it does not work both in debug mode and also if i build the executable an put dll in same folder.

Could the dll be relying on something that isn’t installed on that PC. Maybe a specific version of the Visual C runtime?

Set your application to compile as 32 bit. That dll looks like its 32 bit, which would mean that 64 bit app cannot load it.

It is already set as 32 bit.

Not other advice?