Importing C++ in Xojo for mac without a dylib file

I don’t normally work too much with C++, so I’m a little out of my comfort zone here.

We need to interface with a frame grabber board that provides an API. However, the API is in C++. I’ve done this before with a different frame grabber on Windows, where the manufacturer provided a DLL file for me to import into Xojo. However, all we have from the manufacturer of this board is the source code.

They tell me everything I need is in the “EGrabber.h” file - just import that and I will have access to everything. I mean, in a C++ environment.

What would I need to do to get this into Xojo? Is it possible to compile that as a dylib I can import? Again - this is new territory for me, so go easy!

A DLL is windows only file. (Either 32 bit or 64 bit) a DLL is what dylib is for you on the Mac side.

So if your wanting to do something on Mac, then that DLL file will do nothing for you.

I understand the difference and that a DLL won’t open on mac. In the initial post above, it wasn’t clear to me how to access the API they provided as on a previous Windows-based project (using a frame grabber from a different manufacturer), I was given a DLL to work with and that worked (in Windows).

The board manufacturer has since gave me the source code to a windows DLL that accesses their API (which exists on the mac). I’ve had this ported to mac, and have some additional questions, here.

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