Import - what happened here?

Ok so I purchased a license a couple days ago and with that I got access to the text file format so I saved my stuff in text format.

Steps to reproduce:

Now I had a new project where I could use some utility modules from another project, so I hit import from the file menu and import a module from another project into the current one.

Found out there was to many dependencies from the old project so I removed the module again.

A while later I open the other project, and up pops a dialog that the module I imported into the other project could not be found. I went to the folder where I stored the modules and they were all there, but renamed to “blablabla.obsolete.nnnnnn_nnnnnn” I picked the one now named obsolete and the project worked fine again.

So what’s going on there?

I just used the import function, the module I imported was just a normal module and not made external or anything.

Shouldn’t import on a normal resource just import a copy into the current project and not screw around with the project it came from?

Import is more like “make me the owner of these files”.
And when you deleted them from the project you’d added them to they got marked as “obsolete”

What you expected, I presume, was a copy of them, which you could do via copy & paste, drag & drop etc & then you’d have one set n the original project & ones in your new project.

Ah OK, yeah I expected from the wording to just import something from the other project.

Perhaps a rewording so it does what it says on the tin and avoid any such panic attacks :wink:

Figured out that I can open projects and copy from there and paste into the current one, but a straight copy into current project deal would be more convenient, esp. if you want to copy from a large project that takes a while to open.