Import into MySQL ".CSV" using XOJO

I have a software package that uses MS SQL Server and I have it set so that it exports 3 “.CSV” files weekly. Currently, once the files are exported and available on my desktop or “C:\DP_CSV” folder, I use PHPMyAdmin to import them into the MySQL database (one file per table) I created. Works fine except I have to do it manually. Each file takes a good minute or 2 (total 100,000 records).
In my Xojo desktop windows app, I can connect to my MySQL database, load any or all the records into a listbox, delete all the records in any of the 3 tables, and edit any record, among many things.
What I would like to do is use Xojo to import a file straight into the MySQL table. I could just click 3 different buttons, one for each file into it’s table.
If importing CSV files directly into MySQL via Xojo has been answered, could someone please point me to that answer (thanks). I can use Xojo 2019r3.1 or Xojo 2022r1.1

The inimitable Norman Palardy wrote a CSV parser which acts like a recordset. You can find it here: GitHub - npalardy/CSVParser: Event based and recordset like CSV parser for Xojo

You can read the CSV file record by record and insert the values into your MySQL table.

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If you can connect to the MSSQL Server you could skip the csv step altogether.


I cannot. That’s why I am exporting the CSVs from there to MySQL so I can do what I want to do.

What about execute a system command (MySQL) and load with SQL commands?

See here, ie:

I shall test this out. Thanks

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You might even be able to maker it so that it checks a particular folder for .CSV files and it does its thing on its own when you start the app after dropping your CSV files into particular folders, maybe?

That’s exactly where I want to go. I have the CSV files (3 of them) and they get attached to 3 emails. Then, when those 3 show up in my email, the attachments are placed in a particular folder automatically. I know exactly what time that is. If I could have the app “Import” them an hour later without manual assistance, then that is the ideal solution.

Hey, I’ve been very busy at work lately and jumped back on this bc free time and holiday are good things coming together. I sent you a private message with a link to download some code I created a while back. Needs to be updated for this current version as well, but that should not be too hard.

Good luck.