Implementing stripe.js

Let me start off by saying I know nothing about JavaScript. I have gone through the WebSDK documentation and reviewed the LoadingLibraries sample project but still have not the foggiest of how to implement the stripe.js from (

I am wondering if there is someone that would be willing to help me get started. The documentation (linked to in the preceding paragraph) on is good. I just need help getting the stripe.js library implemented and know how to call the functions documented. I can probably figure the rest out from there.

Thanks in advance.

It’s more straight forward to implement the REST API.

Phillip, I agree. I guess a better question would be…How do I [quote]a dictionary containing a user’s credit card details[/quote] as described here: Create a New Charge

I can send a “flat” request but can’t figure out how to include a “dictionary”

[code] Dim form As Dictionary
form = New Dictionary
form.Value(“amount”) = “400”
form.Value(“currency”) = “usd”
form.Value(“card”) = ???
form.Value(“description”) = “Charge for

HTTPS1.Secure = True
HTTPS1.ConnectionType = SSLSocket.SSLv3
HTTPS1.SetRequestHeader("Authorization", "Bearer token")


jNode.Value("number") = "4242424242424242"


form.Value("card[number]") = "4242424242424242"

does the trick.


I am just bitting off the stripe APIs myself. I tried to private message you but the private message function on this (asinine) forum software suggest that the message went into magnetic heaven. would love to talk to you/collaborate directly about this. I have implemented a big chunk of the REST / curl api


We have classes to hand all of that :slight_smile: