Implementing SessionTimeOut

Hello all.

In Web1 this code worked
Self.Timeout = 0

Now, working with Web2 I cannot seem to get the replacement SessionTimeOut to compile.

I’ve tried
Self.SessionTimeOut = 0
WebApplication.SessionTimeOut = 0

Both are in the Session.Opening Event but neither compile without error. What am I doing wrong??


The documentation can help you:
you can find that the Timeout now is UserTimeout


Self.UserTimeout = 0

I use the autocomplete to also find if something on the list could be what I’m looking for.


I used the docs and got the following. Says nothing about UserTimeout!
Thanks for point this out to me AlbertoD!

SessionTimeout* As Integer

The number of seconds after a browser disconnects that the session will actually be removed from memory. The default is 180.

This property is read-only.

This is the period of time that a Session stays around to avoid the overhead of starting up a new Session, should the user come “right back”. Use this property to adjust this time up or down based on your system and user requirements. It should not be set too low. Since it defines the amount of time that passes since the last communication from the browser to when the Session is actually closed, setting it too low could disconnect active users.

In most cases you should not need to change this property.

You are looking on a different page, that information is for WebApplication (App) and not WebSession.

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I searched for it and that was the page that came up…
Thanks again for your responses!

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