Implementing OSRAM Lightify support

BTW, are these forums publically searchable by Google? Because, if they aren’t I should rather post this on my website.

I own an OSRAM Lightify ceiling lamp that was controllable only by mobile phones until recently. Now, OSRAM has published an API. I’ve just implemented a few things I often use, such as changing the light color between daylight (colder) and nighttime (warmer).

I wonder if anyone else here uses OSRAM Lightify products and like to collaborate on this project. I’m also looking into writing a small app to run on a Raspberry Pi (that’s connected to a TouchScreen) so that I can finally control my light from a small box at all times, as it should be with a light switch :slight_smile:

Yes, they are, I use site-specific search all the time (it gets better results than the built in search)

Hi Thomas, I do home automation and lighting control of lots of different devices and would be willing to work with you on this so that I could add support for these to our software too when we’re done. It’s my impression that the Osram hardware is more common in Europe than in America but they do have a hub with an american plug at least that I could connect to.

There is even some documentation out there from others who have done some reversed engineering of the API protocol, but I don’t see an official document from Osram? Have they officially documented anything that I just don’t see?

We have a lot of european users, and I know that most of them are just adding their osram bulbs to their phillips hue hub that we already support. I am always happy to do some work to add more specific device support though, drop me a note at james at sentman dot com or tell me here more about what you’re thinking.

Hi James,

Osram has two different ways to control the lights:

First, it builds on the Zigbee standard, and googling that, it appears that people have been able to use their own Zigbee transmitters to talk to the lights directly.

But that is too much work for me - I am using instead their own Zigbeee-to-Wifi bridge, which talks to a server in the internet, allowing you to control your lights even when you’re not at home. And the API I use talks to that bridge through the server. It’s a very simple REST based API, see here:

Still, making little apps that run on desktop computers (Mac and Windows) might be a viable business, especially if you get into the Mac App Store and the Windows Store sooner than later (the API was published only a few days ago, I believe). Xojo might be having the cutting edge advantage here to get something out quickly :slight_smile: