Immediate type mismatch error (expected class MenuBar)

Just created a new basic test app (a desktop app on Windows), but apparently there’s something pretty basic I’m missing. When I go to build or run, I get this error:

“Type mismatch error. Expected class MenuBar, but got class MainMenuBar.MainMenuBar”. Location “App.Name”.

What did I miss / mess up? (I have lots of other Xojo projects that run and don’t give this error)

I think you’ve managed to change the Super of App to Application when it should be DesktopApplication

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@JulianS – Thanks – you were correct – but for some reason it initially wouldn’t won’t let me select “DesktopApplication” – because there was nothing in the selection list! I THINK I might have accidentally entered a space into that field. In any case, once I tried a couple more times, suddenly the Super box was populated again.