Imagewell in Windows 64 bit

Hi! I am unable to add a Picture to imagewell.image in Windows 64

It works perfect on Windows 32 and Mac OS 64… but not in windows. This is my method. Please Help!

Public Sub drawImageFileToWell(well as ImageWell, theFile as text)
dim maxWidth as Double, maxHeight as double
dim p as Picture
dim pic as Picture
p = picture.Open(GetFolderItem(theFile,1))

if p<>nil then

dim factor as Double

//factor = Min( maxWidth / p.Width, maxHeight / p.Height )
//factor = Min( factor, 1.0 ) // (don't scale it up if it's too small!)
factor = Min( maxWidth / p.Width, maxHeight / p.Height )
factor = Min( factor, 1.0 ) // (don't scale it up if it's too small!)

dim destWidth as Integer = p.Width * factor
dim destHeight as Integer = p.height * factor

pic = New Picture( destWidth, destHeight, 32 ) p, 0,0, pic.width, pic.height, 0,0,p.width,p.height


drawWarningIconIntoWell(well,“File not found”)
end if


Exception e
if e IsA NilObjectException then
MsgBox “Nil Object Exception while drawingImageFileToWell”
end if
End Sub

Hello Carlos,

You found a bug. Check to see if a feedback case exists, and if a case doesn’t exist then create a new one please.

I tried a few different types of pictures, all worked in 32-bit version and none worked on 64-bit version.

I simplified the example by dragging-and-dropping a picture (ball.png, ball.jpg) to the IDE, and typed the following single line of code:

ImageWell1.Image = Ball

I have the same results you do.