ImageTools REALBasic Author?

I am updating some code that I wrote ~ 12 years ago. It includes a Module called ImageTools that contains many methods. Some examples: getBicubic, rotate99cw, Hmirror, horizontalBlinds.

I left a note to myself that “I got it off the Internet”. The author put short comments at the start of the individual method code. For example, the note at the top of Hmirror is

// Horizontal mirror.
// see also vertical mirror
// Quite fast for pure RB code… If I may say so myself :wink:

I would prefer to know just who contributed this code rather than just “I got it off the Internet”. I thought it might be Joe Strout because I have used his graphic code to do other things in this project, but I am unable to confirm this. Are there any old folks on this forum who know who the author was? Who “myself” is?

This is all I could find:

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I think it’s Didier Barbas. The “dda” from the old Nug.

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Thanks you Rick. You are correct. I searched on Didier Barbas and got a hit on issue 2.3 (2003) of REALbasic Developer magazine which I still have and I was able to look up Didier’s article on Unroll the loops where he discusses some of the code that I had in the ImageTools module.

Better yet, in that article, he explains the logic behind some of his code decisions. He introduced complexity to achieve greater speed. I had found it puzzling in reading the uncommented code that I had to work on to bring up to date for Xojo 2021. I did not understand why he had not done things more simply.

I have almost every old issue of REALbasic Developer magazine but am missing issue 3.1 where apparently Didier wrote an article with the below objectives. I am certain that it is this Library that I have.

We will produce a basic graphics library that’ll extend the Picture object, making the library more portable and the code using it more readable

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