for an iOS project when you drag an image to the IDE it creates an ImageSet where you can have @1x, @2x and @3x versions of a named image…
This much I get.
How does this relate to what Xcode does? where the equivalent “imageset” has EIGHT images not just 3

  • Universal @1x, @2x and @3x
  • iPhone @1x, @2x and @3x
  • iPad @1x and @2x

I “assume” that Xojo matchs “Universal” and that an Xojo iPhone or iPad app uses the @2x (unless its an older iPad2 then @1x) [@3x for iPhone6]
how would you specifiy (in Xojo) that iPhone @2x and iPad @2x are not the same image [you might want BIGGER images on iPad since there is more real-estate)

Wonder what Xcode does if you specify all 8 images, how it decides between Universal and device specific?

Xcode will try to find the specific image (more complex internal subcode than the simple @Nx) and if it will not find it will try to use the universal one

You would use two separate imagesets.

And have to write code that indicates which one to use?

So when is Xojo going to catch up?

If you are concerned with the App installation size, you can name your images “ABC~ipad.png” and “ABC~iphone.png”

~ipad image files will only be installed on iPad devices
~iphone image files will only be installed on iPhone devices