Images not being displayed

When compiling a standalone web app to run on Linux, images don’t seem to display when compiled in Windows. But they images will display correctly when compiled in Linux.

Any ideas?

I’m using Xojo 2019R3.1

The Linux version is Ubuntu 18.04.1

What images ? Where do they comes from ?
(File Extensions ? webp hiec, others ?)

The images are PNG files that are stored in the app resources folder that’s created when the app is compiled.

And when the images are stored elsewhere ?

Also, what code are-you using ?

All the image files are stored in the same location in the App Resources folder that’s created when the app is compiles. The picture is added from the picture property in the WebImageView control.

This not seems clear to me when I read it seconds ago.

I wanted to know if your application is able to read these images when they are not stored inside of the application.

I read; do you ?

The application works correctly when I compile the app in Windows and run in windows. Just as it does when I compile in Linux to run in Linux.

You would expect that when I compile the app in Windows for Linux, that it should run the same way especially when the images are saved as part of the project and stored in the App Resources folder.

Maybe the case is altered when the files are created in Windows or transferred to Linux?

If the file in windows is called Myimage.png but for some reason is transferred to Linux as myimage.png then Linux could be trying to find a different file.

I just looked and all the file names are consistent between compiling Linux and Windows, but I do see a difference between the file sizes that are created between the 2 systems. Which is odd because the original files are also PNG files so now I’m wondering if the PNG converted in windows has a different format than the Linux PNG format.

I’ll be interested to doing the same with the Eddies Electronics web app on both Windows and Linux and seeing the results.

therwhat are you using to create the png’s on windows ?
i’ve run into issues with some tools making images of various kinds that work fine on one platform but not another for various reasons

Can you place the images in an Images folder outside of the application ?

Can you move the images from the App Resources folder to Windows and check with your application if they are displayed ?

And to push forward what Alberto said, are the file extensions small caps / title case, upper case ?
As far as I recall, Linux file names were (still are ?) case sensitive.

Norman, I tried both Microsoft Paint and Adobe Photoshop

What I ended up doing to get it to work is actually added “imageview1.picture = image” to the open event of the control.

And are-you able to pen the pngs files from your application with these tools under Linux ?

yes, without making any other changes other than adding that code mentioned above.