Images in posts [Resolved]

Why don’t images in posts seem to be working anymore. I have tried links from dropbox and and none of them show up in the posts however they used to and I have not changed how I do things.

Testing an image from

I can see my image! Can you? :slight_smile:

Yes. I think what it appears to be is that dropbox does not link to the image, the link is to a page on dropbox that displays the image. Tried it with they do the same but offer a direct link so here goes… this should work:

And with dropbox hopefully:

Ok, didn’t look hard enough. Seems it can be done.

I can’t see your dropbox image… but if you paste here a public link to the image stored in your dropbox it works. An example:

[quote=90432:@Albin Kiland]Testing an image from

yes i do.

[quote=90438:@Mike Charlesworth]And with dropbox hopefully:


cannot see anything. just a box with question mark

By the way, this and other formatting tips are gathered in this post by Paul L.: