IMage Well

Never used an IMage Well before.

I added one to my form - and designed the box to be about an inch by an inch

Under INSPECTOR/Appearance I added a jpg from my desktop.

The Imagewell has the picture now but ITS way too big and the Imagewell only displays a small part of it.

How do I rescale the jpeg in the imagewell so it fits my designed box size?


On macOS you can use a built in function, but on Windows you’ll need to scale the image yourself.

#if TargetMacOS then
  declare sub setImageScaling lib "Cocoa" selector "setImageScaling:" ( handle as integer, value as integer )
  setImageScaling(me.handle, 0)


(this can be put in the ImageWell.Open event)

Works - I like it when its a simple solution
Much Thanks !!