Image IPTC Data

I’m trying to figure out how to read and write IPTC data into an image.
I’m assuming I’ll need a plugin to do this (or a lot of declares).
Anyone have any experience?

For the Mac at least you can use CGImageSource and CGImageDestination to read and write image meta data. You can either do this via plugins or via declares.

It’s totally possible to do this in pure Xojo code (as the specs are all open and well documented) but it’s not something I’d recommend.

MBS Xojo GraphicsMagick Plugin may be able to read all.

CGImageSourceMBS is part of our MBS Xojo MacOSCG plugin.

And we have a couple of XMP related classes in our MBS Xojo XMP Plugin.

If have a solution without a plugin, but you need the “exiftool”.

You can use CGImage options without exiftool, and personally I would recommend it over a 3rd party executable.